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Conti Guidi’s Castles

Poppi Castle

It was built between the end of the 12th century and the beginning of the 14th by the Guidi noble family. The Castle is the symbol of the Casentino valley. A bust of Dante Alighieri, located in the adjacent square, reminds us of the bond between the supreme poet and this historic building.

Rilliana library • ‘300 frescos • Reconstruction of the Campaldino Battle • prison • ball room • tower

Romena Castle

A very anchient Castle. Dante was a guest of Romena Castle and so was Gabriele Dannunzio. Gabriele D’Annuzio saty at the Castle was an ispiration of one of his operas: L’Alcione.

Porciano Castle

Porciano was owned by the Guidi family from XI century (1017). Currently is possibe to visit 3 floors of the building. The other part of the Castle is still inahbited by its owners. Porciano castle is included in the cuircuit of Casentino’s museums.

Not To Be Missed

Woolen Museum

Between the 1800s and early1900s Stia woolen mill was one of the most important industries in Tuscany. Now the factory is a museum where large textile machines and documents from the period are displayed.

Visit Pratomagno’s Cross

The cross, 19m high, was built in iron in 1928. It is sited at 1592 m. This is a perfect site to enjoy a beautiful view all over the valley.



San Fedele Abbey – XIII century (San Torello statue, crocifisso giottesco)

Oratorio della Madonna del Morbo

Diavoli Tower


Piazza Tanucci

Pieve of Santa Maria Assunta in Stia (Terracotta robbiana)

Woolen Museum, ancient factory now woolen and textile machines exibition


Piazza San Michele

Wall of the forgotten words

Old Mill

Stone Sculptures

Old family stories

Chestnuts museum


  • E-bike Tours
  • Wine tasting in local winery
  • Adventure Park
  • Naturalistic tour in the Park
  • Swimming pool – La Pineta Camping
  • Poppi Zoo Park

Sacred Places

Monastero ed Eremo di Camaldoli


Ancient Farmacy -1500

Sacro Eremo

Fra’ Romualdo cell, founder of the Benedettini community

Santuario La Verna

San Francesco church

Terracotte robbiane

San Francesco cell

Sasso Spicco

Monte Penna itinerary where San Francesco received stigmata in 1224.


Tacs e Tessilnova

Coat and clothes made with Casentino wool

Tapinassi Artisan Ceramics

Artisan Ceramics

Terre Casentinesi

Local produce: flour, oil, etc

Casa del bambino

Outlet clothes for children


Sara Lovari Art Studio

To Taste

  • Tortello di Patate (Potato filled home-made pasta)
  • Ribollita (Vegetable soup)
  • Zuppa di farro (Bareley soup)
  • Affettati Casentinesi (Cold cuts)
  • Porcino mashroom
  • Lattaiolo dessert